Valentine’s Day Special


It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

images[1]Gift Cards are a great way, near and far to tell someone you love and care about them.  Our many wide range of services is covered by our ‘spa card’ and can be gift wrapped with a beautiful bowed box. You can also put them into a Christmas Card and mail them to a friend or relative to use when they visit!  Facials, massages, body treatments plus many others…Please call us, 217-228-0423, or stop buy and purchase one today just in time for Christmas!

BIG Autumn Sale OCTOBER 4

grunge background with autumn leavesStarting at 20% off Products and Services OCTOBER 4th, 2014, 10A-1P. As the current year winds down and with fall quickly approaching, we would like to take this opportunity to say  thank you for your patronage of our small business. Even through our ups and downs you’ve stayed by our side…Thank You! We appreciate your patience and understanding.


At Tranquility we know you have many choices and we are humbled that you choose us to take care of your spa needs. To express our since appreciation, please join us for our largest Spa Event to date…we look forward to seeing you and hope that you join us! We have many surprises in store for you.


glytone…our new product line: GLYTONE Professional Peels! This widely diverse product line tackles most of why we get peels: fine lines, damage skin, pigmentations, wrinkles, etc…Call, text or email us today to find out more about this diverse product!

Massage-it DOES work!

massage-145[1]A new study published in Science Translational Medicine found that a short, 10-minute Swedish-style massage session can reduce inflammation, which can help your muscles recover after a hard workout.

“What massage seems to do is … it reduces the inflammatory response as a function of the damage you incurred while you’re exercising,” explained one of the study’s authors Simon Melov, a molecular biologist at the Buck Institute for Research on Aging.

Huffington Post reported this in an article plus the 9 major benefits to massage: reduce anxiety and depression, ease pain, improve sleep, boost immunity, beat PMS, raise alertness, curb headaches, eases cancer treatments, and improves blood flow.

I resolve to….LOOK FABULOUS!

JanemodelHow do you choose the right facial?  Call us today for our complimentary consultations on the many facial choices right for you! There are many to choose from: NuFace Quick Lift, which give you a lifting and toning experience; Collagen Enzyme Treatment which combines peptides with a classic facial for seasoned skin; Refresher Facial which is the perfect treatment to maintain healthy skin; Custom Facial which is a classic facial with beauty boosting upgrades; Teen Facial designed for teenage skin; Purely for Men Facial which addresses men’s skin care needs including prevention of ingrown hairs and razor burn; Corrective Facial which combines both physical and chemical exfoliation and the Vibraderm Facial, which gives your skin a serious sloughing.